Twinmottion scene
A 360 AR environment for instagram camera filters . A festive augmented reality filter that immerses the user into the interior of an over the top decorated house, filled with Christmas trees, ornaments, and presents. I wanted to create a cozy and warm environment and recreate the atmosphere of a “classical” Christmas. This project provides an enviroment for endless creativity , interaction and role playing.
link to Demo video  ( or watch below )

I noticed that my friends and I gradually started to use this virtual space as our background to perform our little stories -plots. We were interacting with the virtual environment, pretended that it was our home, started to include real items in the video, unboxing presents in front of the Christmas tree, pretending to bake cakes in the fireplace. It become a source of endless creativity. I like to think of this filter as our small dollhouse. What is the reason behind the creation of this filter ?

The set for the house was created in Twinmottion, as you can see in the picture below . Then rendered and exported as a spherical panorama. In Cinema 4D I created an inversive sphere that was divided into 8 hemispheres. The sphere was then imported to Spark Ar where I added a camera and a color grading filter .