50 days of Playful Immersion - Unity Games


Accomplisments :

-collecting objects
-updating score + UI design 
-spawning objects 
- world builidng 

Video previews : 

Collecting Objects 
UI design and score count:

World building :

Collectign spawned objects 

World Exploring :

Spawning objects in relation to the player :

Spawning objects Mixed Reality :
Oculus integration-passthrough layer

Project 2 

Mixed Reality location based Game in Unity

I am passionate about xreating mixed realiltiy experiences in physical space. For the last part of the Fall 2022 semester, I wanted to explore the concepts of creating a location based game in physical space using the Mixed reality feature in the Oculus 2 headsets.

The players run around the physical space and collect deserts, ingredients, or other items  that are constanly falling from the sky. In their hands their is a bowl - “cookie catcher”that will is making vibrations when the catch is successful.

Playtesting the controller :

poster for the game

The controller

Inside the Box.

The controller consists of :
- Arduino nano IoT33
-vibration motor
-Atmospheric sensor
-Haptic Motor library
- 2 buttons for callibration mode

Breaking down the project :

1. Make the UNITY mini game (
2. Do the 3D graphics )
3. Serial Communication connect Arduino to unity …
build the MR environment in unity
  1. a)make haptic interaction work b) when point created in Unity
  2. map bowl to virtual object in unity ?

Position Tracking : ideas

  • Pressure Barometer

    read about my journey here

  • Magnetometer (no)

  • A use hand position tracking (no)

  • plan B maybe include a button for when you catch ? (no )

    button is not going to work becaus


position tracking with headset and atmospheric sensor

creating the mini game

connecting the headset with MR (done)


serial ( Arduino Unity

screenshot  from the headset (menu to select serial
communication port)


Even though I was able to make the script and set up to work in Unity and Arduino , at the moment I am researching ways to connect the arduino to the Oculus 2 headset .

GitHub : 
Day 4-5 

find more documentation about my daily adventure here :

Exploration topic:
- mini games (collecting objects, score, speed games, spatial games )
- interaction ( interacting with environment assets, sensors etc )
- world making ( emphasizing on building the terrain )
- Mixed reality ( bringingthe interaction to the real world ) 

Day 1 :
Friday January 27 th 
Touch Designer learning the basics 
Day 2: 
Touch Designer adding noise 
Day 3 : 
Touch designer rendering and lighting 
Day4 : 
How to collect Objects in Unity
Day 5 : score count  .