Augmented Reality Interactive game - Dollhouse 


About this project :

This is a research project on the how stories can be created in Augmented reality. How can people play in any physical space all around the world? 
What stories could an interactive AR doll house create?


  1. Adobe Illustrator: A] create the character B] create the background / rooms

         2.  Adobe CHARACTER : Animate expression 
          3. Adobe Aero : Create scene 

Interactions :

  1. tap the character to move into a room ,
  2. clouds looping around
  3. tap the box

I am working on recording animations for the character and importing them to AERO . Players can tap and play by placing the character into different rooms .

Future plans :

Because this project had to be using 2D assets, I am really curious to test it and see how people will interact if it was a 3D graphics and or included physical cut outs a

Playtest : 
Scan to download :