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Hybrid Worlds

 linkThis research paper aims to address the evolution of world-building while at the same time identify ways of immersion and interaction with imaginary worlds. The basic principles of creating experiences in these worlds are being highlighted through the Situationist International movement, New Babylon, and the labyrinths. New Babylon was conceived as a city of automation, transformation, artificial atmospheres, and customization. Labyrinths, from the very beginning, were considered immersive structures capable of creating challenges and interactive experiences. Most of their elements are found in video games and in the digital applications of today’s world. Regardless of the content of the digital world, we argue that the interaction, the kind of virtuality, and the senses are addi - tional elements to define the experience of the participants. At the same time, they con - trol their immersion. Hybrid Environments can be considered as augmented ways to play video games in a space by which the body and the senses play an important role. Boasting the feeling of presence and the amount of immersion can be accom - plished by including mechanisms that sup - port or simmulate the action and the moves of the players. Lastly, these environments should be able to simulate the weather conditions and include interactive elements that align with the needs of the players and the objectives created by the game. 

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Desigining Hybrid Environments for Gaming

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Hybrid Worlds  

Designing Hybrid Spaces for virtual worlds and video games 
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